The Road

I suppose it does get a bit contrived towards the end. I mean, as time goes by, the charm walks along with it. Or, maybe runs. Hell, I'd say it even has a strap on rocket launcher, but then that would be too particular of me.

It was like walking on a long road. It was not the smoothest of roads, but well, it was one with the charms. At least at the beginning of it. Well, it was like any other road in ways that it twisted and turned and even kind of forgot its own way in the middle but always did find it later. Not the smoothest of roads, but well, it really had the charm. It's really fun, walking down this road. Lots of new things to see and feel and observe.
Not the smoothest of the lot but well, it still has the charm going for it. Really long though, no doubt. I wonder what it'd be like if it were smooth. Probably not that good. I'm already at a very bright horizon, led to by the road. But it really isn't that smooth you know. Kind of difficult to walk, if you ask me. But hey, there's always the charm of it. Yep, it's there alright.
It's been some time, my feet hurt from walking on the road. You see, it isn't the smoothest of the lot. The charm's still here. No doubt. That should be enough. Slipped up on the road a couple of times, hurt my knees, but that's alright. If you walk a road, and roads are made to be walked on, you will trip once in a while. Okay, a couple of times. Alright, a dozen.  It's quite fine really. I'm too busy noticing the way and admiring the wonders to pay much thought to it.
It really has been long now. Travelling on the road. No it is definitely not smooth. Kind of rocky lately. My feet's all bleeding from the sole. The charm, yeah it's here somewhere beneath all the rocks but the rocks hurt for the most part.
Alright, I think it's enough. My feet are wobbling and giving up on me and while I think I can crawl on ahead, I don't think more injuries would do me any more good. It's a road alright, not smooth and too rocky. The charm was there but it's buried beneath all these rocks thrown by the road. Can't really see it anymore.
I think I'll stop now. Say bye to it for the last time, always afraid of it. But there's no more way ahead on the road. More rocks maybe.

The road's not smooth. But it's a road alright.

©2014 Aman Gupta

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