A Part that's empty

It's not easy, you know. It never is. To fill an empty space you need a piece of the same size as the hole - and I'll tell you, it's not easy. How I see it is that I think there are two options to solve it- Either we find the piece that will supposedly fit or we try living with that hole and pretend it doesn't bother us. I always thought finding pieces is easy but then again, there never was such a big emptiness as it is now.

The jagged nature of the cavity only makes it difficult. Reaching into boundaries and leaving the prickling sensation when it's absent. It really reaches far in. I don't really suppose that hope's ever lost but I guess hoping here is futile. There may never be a perfect piece to fit and I don't suppose moulding some piece is the right way to absolutely fix this.

That leaves me the only other option I can come up with on my own- living with it. Living with the sensation, the temptation and the constant need to hear the pulse- doesn't really sound that good but it's an option preferable to hoping for a recovery. Because, sometimes, hope can be a poison which when pushed will make you lie to yourself for comfort. It's not healthy, believe me.

I will endure. The sensation's not unfamiliar, just the intensity. The light may be gone in summer, but winter is the time when it gets dark early.

It's up to you to flick it on.

©2014 Aman Gupta

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