Alone on A Silent Highway to Infiniteness

We are standing at the railway station. The sultry air filling my nostrils with a foreign smell which does not want to let go of me. The voice of the sea is still ringing in my ears, the memories, still fresh before my eyes. It's nearly time, I whisper.
The two set of tracks leading into the station, reminds of a choice I wished we never had to make. The tangle of destinies and collision of worlds, it's enough to make anyone's head hurt. Still, we are here. The clock strikes midnight and we start moving ahead. But where are we going?
You can't really tell, I say. There's no saying as to where we might land up. I have some ideas but I can't really be sure. Do you still want to go along?
As long as it's the same place for us.
I manage a smile, hiding the obvious fear of the unknown, I know it isn't hidden really. For, the next second, I am following where I was leading before.
A deep sense of calm strikes me and for a moment, I know nothing can go wrong from here. The train sounds it's whistle, we sprint towards the nearest door and get inside. Did you see where it is going?, I ask.

No, I don't want to either.

Are you coming along?

©2013 Aman Gupta

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