Dedicated to Nayanika - you're so sweet and we all love you :)

This one has been long over due and I'm sorry for it.

The wind starts to blow on a lush green landscape, the summer smell reminds me of a distant memory. Everything in sight is painted in the summer colours, yellow, green and blue as far as I can see. As my feet touch the soil, I can tell this sensation will be cherished long after it's gone.
The can feel the wind in my hair. My senses are awake and my eyes try to soak in the mesmerizing sight all at once, which proves to be difficult. The slow coo of birds mixed in perfect harmony with the sound of wind and swaying trees tops, feels musical and magical at once. The great virtuoso pulls the curtains over and it's suddenly starting to rain.
The horizon is a shade of blue-black, with the sun peeking from behind. The sound of rain hitting the earth triggers another memory buried deep. Slow claps of thunder rock the scene but I'm not afraid, I feel overwhelmed at nature's wonderful orchestra. The flash of lightening is streaky and oddly lightens your heart. In an instant, I've let go of it all.
The rain drops tingles the senses, it's cold but heart warming. The water in this rain has travelled very far to be here with you at this moment. This reminds me of home, a distant one.

Slowly, the grey clouds give way to the blue skies and it's bright again. I figure there's a meaning in it all but I'm too hazed too think about it too much. I go back to listening to nature and everything's beautiful again.

©2011-2013 Aman Gupta

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