You can go only so far, sometimes.

You are at a far off place, there is no way of knowing where you are and where you are headed. There is a distant thought lodged deep in your mind but you can't be sure. There's light at the end of the tunnel but you're afraid of what lies beyond. You have no previous memory of who you are, you just woke up from a very deep slumber. All you can remember is that you were really tired before you shut your eyes.
There is a rush in your veins as you're sure you've never felt before. There is a sense of awakening and the energy is pulsing through your complete body.
You are now sitting, staring at the light. You're curious and the newly found energy urges you to move forward. As you get up and start to take your first steps, you notice your surroundings. You were sleeping, not on a warm bed, but cold floor. Odd but no odder than the walls of the tunnel, which seem to be plastered with odd symbols in different colours - you wish you knew what these meant but for now, the light is your destiny.
Now that you are moving towards the light, your curious mind wants some answers. You start to question the reality, if it is reality at all. For some reason, it seems to have a dream like quality to itself. There is no way to know if this dream will break at any moment, this does not make you feel easy. You have come too far now, you want to know what's at the end of the tunnel and you're scared that the dream will break before you reach the end.
Walking briskly now. A whole tapestry of symbols pass away on the walls are you rush past them. Somehow, the light is still not getting any nearer.
Stop now to catch your breath. You're still full of energy and determined to reach the end, just that, you need to take a break. It's like you're been walking towards it for eternity since you can't reference time.
You start walking again. This time, you pick your brain by looking at the symbols for some recognition. There seems to be a pattern in the symbols, you're very sure of that. Still determined to reach the end, you put the interesting symbols at the back of your mind and continue.
Another break. More symbols and more pattern this time. Suddenly, you make a connection in the symbols. Walking towards the wall, the symbols start making more sense. The obvious pattern and the design, somehow, it's not new to you. You let your gaze turn to the other sections of the wall, and suddenly, there is a sense of comprehensiveness which strikes you.
As you continue to move ahead, going wall to wall, making pattens, you don't notice you've come near to the end of the tunnel.
The last symbol, now being accounted for in the pattern, revels nothing. You learned nothing from the symbols and it seems like decades since you're been going about studying them still, somehow, you're learned something along the way but again, you can't be sure.
You are now standing at the end of the tunnel, afraid and curious at the same time. You step into the bright light, waiting for it to give you the answers you desire.

Then you wake up.

©2013 Aman Gupta

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