The 3 Demons

It's a burden nobody should have to bear. It's a problem nobody should ever face. Like the mythology character we so lovingly despise, I can hear voices in my head which I have no control over. They promise of false paradises, of wishes beyond and oddly, everything I ever really wanted.
The muddled thought process, the striking opinions, counter wishing and a lone hunger for more.

It wasn't long before I became requited with these demons inside of me. All they ever preach is death and destruction. The first one preaches about a time not long gone, an exercise in foolishness. The second one tells about what is happening right now, futility and stubbornness. The third whispers about nothing but death and devastation in the foreseeable time.

I'm fighting my best fight to regain control of myself. I'm not sure where this is headed, but it didn't work out well for our mythological character.

©2013 Aman Gupta

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