That Again

I have,
by my all thinking self,
surrendered to your humble requests.
Nothing will,
make me want to change, that.

Will there be less light,
in that path, that,
I don't know but,
I'm sure of this, that,
your sunlit eyes will make my way.


And beyond the places with tinkle trees,
sweet sugars and creaking bees,
lies the wisdom of the worlds,
that is sure to be enough, for
everything that I dare pass
will come back and it will
flash, your eyes before
you could blink that amazing
story of an ink and the thing,
with white petals and some roses.

Amazing that,
story of us, took the time,
it took. But now when its time,
I can't find my inner courage,
and ask the question that,
is so late that its a legend now.

Wondering my faults and making amends,
takes much time and may offend,
those people which keep waiting
on the doors of others, wondering
when to knock and listen in.
That time for me to be gone has passed
making way for another me,
that one which won't be same like the one before him.

I only wish, it will last,
for everyone involved in that.

That's all for now. ©2011 Aman Gupta