I listened...listened every words you said,
and went back to the time we had,
I couldn't hold it and,
went mad,
couldn't tell you that
I loved you more than anything I had,
couldn't say the words -I was meaning to have-
-to say to you what it is to be in this-
-place, where I wanna say something, but can't..(that)

O! Baby, I(i) am(am),
but-couldn't make up his ow(ow)n mind.

I wanted to say,
baby come back,
make my day,
//but I couldn't get past the damn feeling of regret,
I tried, tried harder than you,
controlled my self to say things at you,
it wasn't easy I ad-mit but,
it was easier when I saw the pain you would fell if I did (it)...//

I need to run,
clear up some space hon',
I'll be late, don't wait up,
don't 'Goodbye' me dear,
I'll be back,
and before you know it,
we'll be right on track.

and all I wanted to say,
baby come back,
and make my day...everyday.

©2010 Aman Gupta


Mohini said...

nw dats another masterpiece from ur pen.....who says ppl dnt lyk to read ur poems,i wud nyday feel delighted to read dem!!!:):)

Aman Gupta said...

Thank you mohini...