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A Revelation from and For Myself

I spent the last month writing about the year 2009 and what it meant to me. I wrote about all the things that changed me or rather transformed me to what I am now. I wrote and wrote…. and finally, the rough write was finished and in my opinion it looked one of my best works which needed to be polished a little, just like a diamond. I became obsessed with the ‘article’. Now, little did I knew that article was brewing me, stirring me and casting me in the casket of a dark person.
I read the article one more time, with lights on. I found out how miserable I had been!
Now, I won’t go into the details of my suspicion of the cause.  I read it again and again…until finally I started to laugh, like I had never laughed before. The days ahead seemed to look more cheerful and promising. Yes, my life was ready for another twist with a new fire in my heart!
I read the article one last time to reflect on my mistakes and chose to forgive myself, finally……. Ha, I’m Back WITH A BaNg!!!!!!!!!!

Friends, I will always be there for you, for you were there when I needed you the most.

-Aman Gupta, Back….

(C)Aman Gupta 2009-2010

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