Wait, It gets better

I don't suppose the coffee has anything to do with the events I'm not going to not describe for you here. These events may or may not have happened in reality and you are at liberty to form your own narrow opinions.

I suppose the sun was down and it was getting a bit nippy - even with warm fire we were all sitting in front of. Now that I think about it, it might have been the snowfall combined with the unholy winds in those parts which was making us all shiver out uninteresting random stories.
As we were all looking at the dwindling excuse of a fire while shaking violently, I couldn't help but notice the lack of plot this story of mine would have if I were to write it down for my mediocre audience. So I gave a nod to everyone, which no one noticed, and went back to my room, which again, no one noticed - pondering about what the actual hell am I doing here with my life - for exactly 3 seconds. The room was just 10 ft away from the fire. But once I got in the room, I welcomed the uncool air and unwarmed blankets, a refreshing change from the shared room I had to share yesterday. I took off my messy boots and threw them around the room as if I wouldn't need them the first thing in the morning for the trek - which coincidentally, was the exact thing I had to do first thing in the morning. Took off my soaked socks and went into the cocoon that was my bed with multiple layers of warm blankets over it.
I perhaps dozed off because the next thing I remember now was me lying over the freezing floor with my right leg still stuck in the blanket - which was odd because I slept on the right hand side of the bed. With the sleep gone and my left side of body paralyzed from cold, I figured the best way to spend time till morning was to continue wasting time on thinking about how to waste time. Most of the thoughts centered around what was climbing down my back - until it turned out to be a spider. After that the night was slow and my thoughts wandered from music to tablecloth to having a bowl of hot stew. After having my imaginary yet vividly detailed bowl of stew, I went back to thinking about the question of life and everything. The answer was 28.
That was as good as answer as any. What really got me thinking was why are we really here, our purpose in the grand scheme of things and whether I will have eggs for breakfast. The answer to at least one of the questions was a yes. I once read a very dramatic quote on a message board written with a bad typographic font about the purpose of life.

"To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life."

It all sounded ridiculous at first, but believe me, as the night got longer and quite all I could think about was how have I lived my life up till this point and if I would have butter on my toast at the breakfast. (I was really hungry)

I don't think I've really lived life the best way possible, the instruction manual was really outdated and should really have served as just mere guidelines. And while I'm not going jumping off the next cliff I climb with my bear feet in the Himalayan range and I'm definitely not going diving in pacific without proper breathing apparatus on a soviet era fishing/navy steamer - I'm still going to spend more time out than time in. And I started by making my way to the kitchen, asking for leftover dessert.

It was bit nippy though, I took my blanket along.

©2014 Aman Gupta


Mohit said...

First of all that is way to judgmental of u to call us narrow minded and hate to indicate that u think of your audience as way too passive ..
Get a grip and stop being so full of yourself

Aman Gupta said...

I will get that grip you were talking about, but from a different store than the one from which you brought your sense of humor.