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Days keep blurring past, every attempt at deciphering the motion makes my head fuzzy. It's too much speed in too little time. The skeptic reminds me. Life has become a panorama of odd memories haphazardly stitched together. On a wide scale of time, the photograph contains so little of details as possible. I wonder if things are going to change for the better or worse at the next turn. Given my luck, I'll remain just cautiously optimistic.

In the vast landscape of time, there ever comes a moment so amazing that the universe decides to cut forward the scenes, against your wishes. A moment so astounding that language fails to describe it. These moments, however rare and indistinguishable from the scenery, instantly trigger emotions deep and moving.

Known routes only lead to places seen and unknown ones are the window to the rest of the world. You can be struck down with what you will see and suddenly, the panorama untwists and the finer details start to sparkle in the light. You can either embrace the change or keep sticking with your old and twisted photograph. I know what you will choose.

Simple emotions are the purest ones. Escapist in nature. The sense of running your hand through someone's hair. Looking dreamily at someone's face. Finding a missing part of yourself. Celebrating madness. All simple.

Heightened heart beats. The rhythmic music of beats fuelled by an influx of emotions long forgotten in a painful past. The changes in pace of the beats synchronizes with your slow long breaths and you know, this is the most beautiful moment you will ever come across.

Alive for the first time, the slow opening eyes like after your first kiss with a distant dream. Moments like these sparkle as bright as the stars in the photograph. You know you won't be the same person again, your life is about to take a turn for the good - for the first time. Are you ready to embrace it?

.. did you follow?

©2013 Aman Gupta

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Diksha Modi said...

I'll never forget this post. Though we are different people now, it still makes me smile.
Good work Aman. :)