Untitled Mind

I had nothing to hold, my world was shattered by the abstracts thoughts which led to her. I found myself laying naked on thin ice. The world dazzeled in front of my eyes, it asked the same question again and again-'Who are you?'. I kept replying, the truth lying in plain sight, 'No one'.
The world as I knew had dissappered, the comic moment when the character takes a moment to realise the Ice beneath him has shattered and falls into a dark gaping hole. Falling and Falling until he realises that hole had no end.....it was a hole he had created in his thoughts, thoughts which led him to....her. Nothing mattered to me more than her, and her happ'y'ness.
Realizing his mistake too late, he went out to correct everything.....only to make it worse....
C)Aman Gupta 2009

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