Speeding past in the window. Coming to instant standstill at times. Traffic is all around us. Fleeting taillights and distancing engine sounds. I guess it's something ingrained inside us all. Something akin to the nature of life. Fleeting at times but coming to a standstill at other times.
As every little taillight stops at the distant traffic lights, sometimes it's better to stop and have a look around before moving ahead. A short break from the rush and a moment to catch your breath. I guess a normal driver on the road gets to experience a fair number of these breaks.
Over some time, all the little lights gather next to each other, waiting for a signal to go ahead. The signal turns green. A blur follows. Sometimes it gets too hard trying to make sense of this zooming blur. Light after light are rushing past the window, it becomes impossible to discern any meaning except the pace of these lights. You give up on making sense and just see the lights running off in the distance.
Some intersections are supposed to be like that. I suppose.

©2016 Aman Gupta

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