It's Easy When You Think About It

I don't suppose we always have a way with some sort of people. A way for them to see us in a different light, to see others in a dull one. To stand out. But when you think about it, it's the most easiest thing to do in a world where everyone and everything has a tendency to fall together. Everyone is connected to everything around them - even the most detached kind of person will name one thing this person connects to, present or past. This is the problem, see?
Take away that one thing, the one simple thing, and you have conquered the lights men.
People are in love with the idea of this thing they feel attached to. Not understanding the difference between the real and the projected. It's so easy when I think about it, yet I look for more meaning in such simple world of thought.

Do not think about Elephants. What are you thinking about?

Always gets me. Heh.

©2014 Aman Gupta

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