Winding Down

"It's been a while I walked down the rusty roads. The leaves still fly free and trees still whisper the music. "
Flashes of a distant past haunt the mind. It's already too far ahead of yourself. Things come rushing past you from the past. It's like those times again.
I can hear a distant longing in my ears. It was faint before but the words do seem to get clearer as days pass.  The words are neither soothing nor alarming. They are just words. Words. I hear them and I nod in agreement to it's preaches. Saying to myself that this has to be right.
It's like everything that you've ever seen rewinds its monochromatic film in front of your eyes, lingering only on the darker ones. The echoes of my own voice calls me from the past to meet itself. The shapeless Body starts to get numb from the freeze, flickering as it sways from being dark to cold in a blink. Most lives I've lived before this one was suddenly becoming happier, as if I have indeed lost something now.
Time is the enemy, it doesn't listen to my sorrows.
Things and places change. You'll either live by them or die fighting the corrupted psychopaths. There's only so much you can fight for.
It's me, I'm winding down. I won't turn my back to it anymore.
©2012 Aman Gupta

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