The Perfect Timing

Its just the regular day. You look down and see your feet shaking from nervousness. Its a mild attack of tension. You don't lack the confidence, like everyone else say, but rather you lack the 'conditions'.
It is the speech class, you know its your chance to speak any minute. You have prepared a long and moving piece of speech. Yet, you hesitate. Its not because you lack the confidence, its because you don't think the audience you are supposed to speak to will give it a thought.
You are afraid that the audience will not react the way you want them to, will not look what you want them to look. The guy in the back row is listening to music on his phone, the girl in the second row is busy peering into the handbag of her friend, the teacher is looking only for a less than ordinary speech. "This is no drama class, just make your point already!", she would say to you. The guy sitting in front of you returns to his seat, he receives good comments for just a minor point he made. You think to yourself 'what a stupid point, that don't even begin to describe the real idea behind his topic.'. You look at him, he's very composed now.
It's your turn. You look in the eyes of the teacher, she's a bit irritated because of all the chatter from the third row. You get up and walk nervously to the center of the stage. The moment is now, you tell yourself.
You have made your mind. You are just about to speak when there's a shout from the back row - "Can we leave the class ma'am?"
After that, you just give a plain and boring -even monotonic- speech with a single point. "That was good", the teacher says "Good work".