the Art of Having Nothing

Look Deeper

Do you get the feeling that today was going to be any different, I mean any different from yesterday? or, feeling all cheered up for some reason, maybe something great was going to happen?
This something big may be anything, a impending call, a meetup with an distant old friend or finding that lost sock you were searching for since Thursday. The thing is, you are happy in this moment. This is YOUR moment, you are looking forward to today. You don't ponder what will happen tomorrow, you just look forward to the things which are in your head right now.
You are anxious, people don't see that you're acting differently, they keep minding their own things. You wonder.... Why? Can't they see that I'm a completely different person today?
Everything's the same, yet different somehow. You find sense in the small things you don't usually find meaning in. Things like that old clock, which decorates your wall but isn't working because you forgot to change the batteries, or maybe the dripping water from the broken tap, they all start to make their own music in a unique way.
Deep down, in you mind, you really don't want the moment to pass... its like time starts to slow down for you and that moment can't be here any faster.
Suddenly, you realize a strange thing, you can't control what happens today. Nothing is planned. Everything is as random as God's Dice. You start to have doubts, was this day really yours to begin with?  What would happen if that special moment I've been waiting for never comes?
You check everything back to front, yes, I'm Sure. You tell yourself. Building Hope as you do so. Perhaps that momentary lapse was meant to be a check for you. You look back and smile, there's nothing to worry. I know it'll happen.
Perhaps in your own sub conscious, you know that you can't control it but you still know its going to be good. That's the key thing. You can't lose something... that you don't have.
Are you looking Deeper?


Bhavul said...

Going with the last lines, i know i can't control it but i knew it was going to be good.
So it was!
Amazing. Literally, Amazing!

Mohit said...

awesome... food for thought

mohini said...

u have carved beauty out of mere words,this is wonderfuly serene really makes me think,perhaps reading this is dat cherished moment of d day which brought a smile on my lips!!!:):)

Rishabh gupta said...

hmm...looking forward but mind

Kanika said...

I love the quote,"You can't lose something... that you don't have"

Amazing! Loved reading it!