Smile, my Dearest

I'm not good at this.

When you asked me to smile, I did.
When you asked me to laugh, I did.
and when you asked me to be there, I was....
now you want me to watch you like this, I can't do this.....


In the softest night and in the purest heart,
there was a spark and it grew,
and it made you laugh, it made me laugh,
made the days roll away.......

You're eyes sparkled and gleamed,
you hair shone in the sun,
and your smile made the day, a beau-tiful one(e).
I thank the god for giving me a great friend in you.

I pray for you to have everything you need,
everything you want. Everything that you'd dream of.
I want you to smile, and that's what I'm always wishing for..

This one is for a very old friend, to remind her that I'm always here.


Bhavul said...

Romantically sweet!
She's lucky girl. ;-)

Aman Gupta said...

She's a very old friend and she was a little-little sad yester-night.... I hope she's good now :)

Bhavul said...

Now i love this one much more. . . ;-)