Fires and its unique kind

Again. Every time I hear the word disappointing, a new fire sparks inside of me. This fire is not of anger and nor hatred towards the person. This fire is for me to give me momentum, and energy, and hope and inspiration. Not a normal fire this, you can be consumed if you got in its spreading path, won't be put out easily. Can't be controlled, makes me push my limits further then even my seemingly high levels look dwarf.
When you hear someone say that everything that you dream't to be since you started dreaming is not in your destiny, this fire starts to crackle and burns higher than you could ever think. This fire tells you, 'you have to make your own destiny', and I promise the same to calm it down a little. The echoing sounds of past and present mix to become indistinguishable and confusing. I trust this fire to guide me, guide me and make me. Make me believe I will get what I want. What I need.
My sole reason for existence, my dream. This fire will keep it glowing, and I hope it never fails in this endearing task.

That's all for now. ©2011 Aman Gupta

1 comment:

Bhavul said...

You are smart, i knew,
Not the one who'll bend,
This Fire is the path,
And it'll be there till the end.