Sometimes when everyone in the house is asleep, I listen to music.

I got swept up, in this society where everything is related to the clatter in your wallets, there's hardly any room for someone like me. I am a slave to all the things this new world has to offer me, I lap everything that gets my attention. I advocate the changes, take the side of development for greater good.  But as much as I like to go ahead, I find myself looking back over my shoulders to the times gone by.
Suddenly, I find charm and love towards '50s music, the simple words with those distinct sound of instruments gone. The modern society believes in 'maximizing' and will always strive to get better at it, although will never be perfect. The simpler times of years before even my birth appeal to me though the literature and photographs. The times when a man would go hunting with his hunting rifle to get food on the table and spend the remainder of the day with his family, listening to the records on his phonographs.
No more worries about Nuclear Meltdowns, no more worries about the self catalyzed Natural Calamities, no running, no worries about how we always need to have more than we need, no people who rest their dreams in someone else's, no more rampant crimes and no more people who manipulate their own kind.
Everything is here, at a touch of a button, but yet I want it to be at a 20 mile foot travel so I know what its worth, Small things have lost its value, people cling on to other people's dreams and hope, nobody wants to work hard for their living. Everything here is about making life easy and not really about increasing its quality.
I used to be any average person in the crowd, until I was exposed to the world above me, I never knew so many abstract concepts before - It boggled my mind. I don't want people to have unfair advantages and I don't want these people in power who misuse the trust of many good men and women.
Simply said, I am tired of this society, not of this repetitive and inconclusive life. I have hope in humanity and maybe someday, we'll work together or maybe fall together. Sometimes, when nobody's watching I listen to strange music and sing along with the strange yet powerful words.
And, now I quote from this song which is stuck in my head- "So, Bongo Bongo Bongo, I don't wanna leave the Congo, O no no no no ---- bongo bongo bongo, I am so happy in the jungle, I refuse to go. Civilization, I'll stay right here. (away from you)"

Authors NOTE:I wrote this article in a kind of disturbed state of mind - yes, I do mean all of this though just that I didn't want to vent it out like this.

That's all for now. ©2011 Aman Gupta


Bhavul said...

Well, i'll soon reply to this.

Rishabh gupta said...

Back ground thoda dark kr de....too bright to read :P