A time Later....

A sense of amazement overwhelms me sometimes, and makes me wonder where my perfect world lies....because it certainly doesn't lie in this world.

Raining outside....I wonder if I could feel the same everyday. The small kids playing in the rain, forgetting everything their mother had taught them about 'not' playing in the rain. I wonder about the rain.....wonder if I could ever pin-point the relation I have with it, its beyond my comprehension. Now, everything I say may seem illogical to some of you, but then, there are people who complain about rains too.
I wish sometimes that the rain should go on forever until everyone is aware....aware about the mystic and soothing relation of rains with their inner self. I want everyone to see the world though their eyes for once, not though their friend's or parent's.
A drop of rain has to travel thousands of kilometers just to fall in your hand.....you could feel the trembling and stress of your hand against the pure and sacred water. A drop to remind we still feel human at core.

(C)Aman Gupta 2009-2010

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