The Question - Part 2

"Ha, my lad, you know the answer, yet you ask. Testing My Mathematics are we?" Mr. Krosel was always a laugh. "No, Sir. I'm Sorry but I didn't understand the Topic very well, sir." , " Oh, dear boy. Why Don't you come to me later to understand better, I say at 5?" , "Yes Sir." .
Yes, life was a smooth sail for Mr. Krosel and he knows that.
"May I come in Sir?" knocked Krishna on the doors of Mathematics Dept. Staff Room at 5pm. Nobody was here expect the person he came to see.
"Oh! Krishna, my dear boy, wait, I was just finishing my paper."
"What is this paper about Sir?"
"Nothing my dear boy, a little something I thought the Head of Board would find Interesting." said Mr. Krosel Smilingly and stuffed the papers in his file.
"So? What is that you find Difficult?" asked Mr. Krosel.
"I tried some Questions and faced some problems. I tried to refer from some books but I couldn't find the correct explanation." Krishna asked looking avidly at the missing brow.
Mr. Krosel then went on to draw some graphs and equations to explain the concept of limited trigonometric domain to the young boy.
It was nearly 5.30pm when Krishna was satisfied with the answers of his numerous questions.
"What is the Story of your Missing Eyebrow, Sir?" The words spurted out of Krishna's Mouth before he could control them. Damn!, he thought.

To Be Continued.....
(C)Aman Gupta 2009-2010

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Anonymous said...

hmmm...nice intro for a story.
Hope you don't test my patience and post the next part soon. :P

And make a correction . Above. Its "except" not "expect" :P