The Silent Cry of The Unforgiving Heart

Oh, how much I long to hear from you,

So much, I cannot even describe.

Everynight, the heart leaps and wants to see you,

All the time I want to be with you.

Throught the colds and the thrills, to the

heart chilling winds from the dellusional loving words.

'The words forgetting by the world forgot?'

Never. Shall you see into me, see ye' only love, I promise and cross heart.

Only I ask for a little imagination, little affection.

Now will to dive into my heart?(Like you did before)

No, yes perhaps....if only I could hide my feelings, which

spread across my face and sees through my words.

Should you wonder-What is the reason and what have you done?

I have no answer, all I know is that I am in Love with you.

(C)Aman Gupta 2009-2010

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