The Question - Part 1

Mr. Krosel was a senior mathematician in Colorado University and has been teaching bright minds for the most part of his happy life in Arizona. His schedule was simple, in office by 9am and back home to his family by 6pm. While I wish I was a little less particular, but You'll definitely notice the missing eyebrow over his right eye. Many Questions and speculations surrounded the missing eyebrow, between students and staff members alike.

"Oh!, You mean this part of my skin?" he said pointing to his missing eyebrow when Mrs. Fletcher  asked the question for the 100th time."Yes, precisely, and please tell the whole story this time, will you?". " 'M afraid Mrs. Fletcher, I cannot tell you the story, but I can assure you it was not because a Lion chopped it off or I accidently shaved it, as I heard one student saying the other day." said Mr. Krosel smilingly.

"Well, I'm not going to push you James, but Honestly, it would be very convenient if you could at least tell when it happened?".

"My Dear Dorthy, if you hadn't asked so politely, I would have asked you to stop questioning but since you did, I have to tell you that I lost the eyebrow when I was 17. Now, I have to leave for home, don't want to miss the bus, see you tomorrow!".

Well, things were fun for the sixty something professor, especially when he had such live students.
"Sir, if the inverse of functions only exists when the limit of the function is defined, how can the inverse of trigonometric arguments be defined?" asked the youngest student of the batch, Krishna.

The lad from India had been the school topper back at home, and had been offered a scholarship to USA for further studies in Advanced Mathematics. Just 16 Years of age, he was the youngest and one of the brightest in the batch of 60...

To Be Continued......

(C)Aman Gupta 2009-2010

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