You're Beautiful

And the world was beautiful again.

I looked at the rising sun,  lifted myself and with me, my hope. The sun was red from the love and inspiration it was bestoing on us. The world was full of love again, I fell in love with this world again. After losing all my hope, I have found it again. The grass was sparkling, the tiny water droplets shining on thier brims. Birds fyling and wind running, my world was full of happiness once more. The love I searched is here, I love my friends as they love me, and my world was beautiful again.
And I don't want to stop here, I want speard my love and happiness all over the world, to every living soul who belives in love.
And If 'YOU' are reading this (yes, you) then you are the reason I love this world.

(C)Aman Gupta 2009

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