What not to do in front of a Teacher....

  1. Never say 'No' (Even I haven't Tried it, but my friend did)
  2. Don't act like your know more about the subject then them (Even if you do)
  3. Don't Speak too Casually with them, i.e Never ask them questions like-'So, did you enjoy your lunch?'
  4. Don't Talk in foreign Languages, the teacher is going to ask you so many questions that you will feel confused yourself (happened with me =))
  5. If teacher asks you if they are solving the question in the correct way, never say-'I have a shorter method'.(I've tried this too)
  6. Never ask a teacher to do a simple job for you. (simple like using the intercom right besides them to call a teacher from staff room)
  7. You think asking them for Problems is good, try again.....
  8. Never ask a question related to their Life, like-'How was the honeymoon?'.
  9. Don't Sleep in their class :P (you may sleep in a free class)
  10. Don't wake up a sleeping teacher (NEVER)..

(C)Aman Gupta 2009

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