The Unknown Man......

The Unkown Man

The Cold was taking over him, In his last moments, he started to recall his memories of his early childhood.
'I was not always like this, I used to be the best in my, after all this time, I am now tired of this world. This merciless world smiles at me and beckons to go on, but I've seen the true face that mask hides behind it.'
'I never thought that I would, someday, become one of them.....a somebody.'
'Everything was so perfect, I still can't tell what went wrong?'
'I never got what I should have deserved, but still the future held hope tightly. I wasn't doing all for me, but for everyone around me. I Prayed for a Better life for the Future me. A life full of love and friends where there are no more goals, no more targets, no more worries, no more chasing...'
'Music gave me sense, It gave me momentum to accomplish my goals and still be in control of myself. Then, everything changed.......'

Just something I wrote out of my mind.....

(C)Aman Gupta 2009

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